Free Entry for the Bing Contest

Here is a chance to win one of over $15,000 in prizes including: Xbox One, Surface Pro 3, Nokia Lumia, or $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Below is how to get 10 entries per day for FREE!! But hurry, contest ends Friday, Sept 19th!


There are 2 FREE Microsoft Accounts you’ll need to have or signup for:

Rewards Entry:

  • You can read the contest info here. You’ll notice normally it costs 3 credits per entry!
  • However, if you click here (bookmark this link) you can enter for 0 credits per entry!!
    • This is from reading the official rules from Microsoft. You have the same odds of winning, but don’t have to spend any credits!
  • After you scratch off the entry, if you don’t win, refresh the FREE ENTRY link and enter up to 10X per day!

Let me know if any of you win!



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