Phablets Arise Upon Tablet’s Downfall

Remember when phablets wasn’t a word? You know, like two years ago…

Contrary to the 2013 belief that these monstrosities (in verbage and size) were at their peak, they look like they are here to stay. It is estimated phablets will overtake tablets at the beginning of 2015. Sadly, for all those English majors out there this means the term phablet isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

1980's BoomboxThis is not a surprise: should I spend $499 on an iPad Air 2 tablet that does less than an iPhone 6+ at $299 (with contract, $499 without)? The iPad mini is about to die, it is only a matter of time–it won’t be long before we hoist an iPad Err 7 to my ear to call home. Bring back the 80’s!!


 Infographic: From Tablets: The Hype is Over @Statista


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